Strategically Eloquent

Internal Communication et al.

Want to get your content read? Here’s how

This is a project that is just too good not to share. Of course, client anonymity must be maintained in this situation. Here's the scoop. The client asked me to help them improve a large section of online content. I conducted an inventory and discovered: Most content...

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View strategy as actionable for good decision making

Webster’s defines the word “strategy” in several ways, two of which apply specifically to communication: A careful plan or method The art of devising or employing plans toward a goal The bolding above is mine. I draw attention to it because having a strategy doesn’t...

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Communication fits leading the digital workplace

Where does communication fit in our organizations? Recently, IABC’s World Conference Program Advisory Committee Chair Neil Griffiths explained the conference theme – Communication Crossroads – as a critical look at where communication fits. As a speaker for the...

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When employee research isn’t done

The CEO of United Airlines, along with his leadership team, recently decided to replace employee bonuses with a game-show style lottery for prizes. Inc. writer Chris Matyszczyk notes in a recent post that “it’s about first deciding…Then, it’s about choosing words.” I...

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War for talent is opportunity for internal comms

The Feb. 1 edition of Fortune focused on the latest war for talent. Author Geoff Colvin notes that the job market has tightened dramatically, making it a great time for people to make the jump to a new opportunity. As a result, companies need to start focusing on...

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