Digital Workplace / Intranets

Millennials are now the predominant generation in the workplace
and they expect a quality virtual experience. Are you delivering?
But, technology can drive efficiency and innovation for all employees.
Can your employees find and do what they need to online?

Eloquor makes your intranet or digital workplace better. We aren’t developers; instead, we focus on the people and process side of great intranets. We help you better leverage your technology investment to drive engagement, collaboration and innovation. We even help you think differently about what your technology should deliver.

How do we do this? We focus on your users. What do they need? How do they work? What makes them successful?

We serve as a bridge between your IT shop and the rest of your business, helping the IT team learn to let the business lead. We help you effectively connect your digital workplace strategy to business strategy. We help the business understand how to use great technology tools to their advantage.

If you feel like your organization isn’t getting the most from your technology investment, perhaps we can help. Contact us today!

Our highly collaborative and interactive approach focuses on 5 areas:

  1. Strategy Development: we audit and assess your existing environment, conduct user research (e.g., interviews, focus groups, etc.) and facilitate development of an intranet/digital workplace strategy that directly supports your business strategy
  2. Governance Model and Tools: we help you establish necessary processes and structure to manage your digital workplace, including policy, related strategies, standards, guidelines, roles, measurement, etc.
  3. User-Centered Interface: we conduct usability research (e.g., card sorting, tree testing, wireframe testing), model your new interface and develop look and feel design
  4. Content Development and Migration: we help you establish content standards and guidelines, develop taxonomy and manage migration efforts; we also provide writing/editing/tagging/loading services for large-scale migration efforts
  5. Adoption, Communication and Training: we develop implementation plans and can manage actual implementation, including creation of collateral and certain training programs

For Example…

When a client’s employees couldn’t find what they needed on the intranet, they came to Eloquor. We helped them rethink their interface through user and usability research and user-centered planning.

The Eloquor team led development of a long-term roadmap for a client’s digital workplace, including user and usability research, a new governance model, an interface plan, and a plan for training and adoption.

After decades of not governing its intranet, a client asked Eloquor to develop a comprehensive governance model that established clear guardrails and decision-making tools for the governance team, site owners, content developers and administrators.

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