Training and Facilitation

Sometimes you need a new perspective to develop a powerful new training or facilitate a crucial planning experience. Whether we lead or simply support your effort, our collaborative method ensures a great return on your investment.

About Training:

Often, employees, managers and supervisors require training in new skills, new tools, or new processes to achieve success. Training assignments typically include development of customized curriculum (including exercises and scenarios), facilitator resources and participant materials. We can even conduct train-the-trainer sessions. Eloquor can assist in developing and facilitating certain types of training, including:

  • Communication Training for Managers and Supervisors (includes a customized toolkit)
  • Writing for the Web
  • Management Skills for Intranet Site Managers
  • Internal Consulting Skills & Methodologies (includes a toolkit)

About Facilitation:

Creating and leading interactive and experiential sessions is a particularly strong expertise for the Eloquor team. Just ask anyone who has taken one of Stacy Wilson’s conference workshops. Not only will attendees leave with real results in hand, they’ll get to know other participants and learn more about their own skills along the way. Included among the types of facilitating we do are:

  • Leadership retreats
  • Strategic planning
  • Visioning
  • Culture assessment (see our culture page for more information)

For Example…

The Eloquor team has helped hundreds of leaders at every level learn to communicate more effectively with their direct reports. This includes research, planning, design and implementation of training, as well as, development of a custom toolkit and measurement approaches.

The client initiated a new leadership retreat and sought outside facilitation. Eloquor created pre-work surveys/assignments, experiential exercises, post evaluation and follow-up, along with facilitating the event. We’ve completed this assignment now for two years in a row.

As part of a larger project of 40+ separate change efforts, the Eloquor team facilitated communication planning for each project. Using our tested and established methodology, we generated support among all project champions.

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