Organizational Culture

Is your organizational culture helping or hindering business success? Do leaders know what behaviors will help move the culture needle? Organizational culture is there, whether you pay attention or not.

Eloquor Consulting helps organizational leaders assess their current culture, identify their desired culture and chart a roadmap for change. The facilitated process helps organizations connect their culture to internal stakeholder behavior and thus to organizational performance. For 15 years, Eloquor has used the Organizational Culture Assessment Instrument and the Competing Values Framework described by the authors in Diagnosing and Changing Organizational Culture. Clients find the data-oriented approach useful in trying to nudge and shift organizational culture.

A comprehensive organizational culture engagement might include:

  • Assessment of current cultural characteristics using a survey and cross tabulating results by various demographics
  • Definition of desired culture and required behaviors through a series of workshops
  • Action planning for change
  • Support, coaching and outsourcing of change communication

For Example…

The Eloquor team implemented a culture assessment as part of a larger leadership retreat. This helped leaders from director and above understand how their actions affect the culture change effort. It also enabled the team to target the right change initiatives.

In preparation for rolling out a new brand, one client asked Eloquor to assess their organizational culture and help them make changes that better supported the new brand and customers.

With a more competitive market environment as the backdrop, one client asked Eloquor to help them reframe their organizational culture, getting many employees engaged in the effort to achieve buy-in and action.

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