HR Communication

As the Human Resources landscape becomes increasingly complex, communication continues to be a crucial element in ensuring full return on the investment HR makes in employees.

Communicating the total value of the employee’s relationship with the employer is key to recruiting and retaining your “A” players. Yet, HR programs like benefits, compensation, onboarding and recognition are complex and often challenging to communicate clearly. The Eloquor team has many years of experience communicating with and educating key stakeholders about the value of HR programs.

The HR experience has moved online over the past 20 years. Eloquor has worked in online communication approaches since the mid 90’s. Still, we do print when it is called for, and recommend and implement face-to-face communication programs whenever appropriate.

We can help you with research, planning and implementation of your HR communication effort.

Some of the many programs we can assist with include:

  • Experiential and Online Onboarding
  • Benefits Enrollment
  • Benefits Education and Decision-Making Guidance
  • Compensation Changes and Processes
  • Recognition Program Development and Implementation
  • Retirement/Financial Planning Education and Communication
  • Recruiting Strategy, Tools and Collateral
  • Total Compensation Summaries

For Example...

A consumer products company sought to improve their on boarding experience. Eloquor created an experiential on-boarding program to immerse new employees in the products and culture. The program included an interactive educational game and post measurement to help the client evolve the program.

The Eloquor team has helped numerous clients communicate significant benefits changes as part of a larger open enrollment campaign. We use educational video, online content and print guides to help employees make decisions about new plans.

HR has moved online and the Eloquor team has helped numerous clients overhaul their online employee HR experience, including writing/rewriting/editing all HR content and helping to move some HR processes online. This work has included integration of multi-language and multi-country content.

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