Speaking Topics

Stacy Wilson, ABC, president of Eloquor Consulting, Inc., has been teaching at workshops and conferences for more than two decades. She’s taught sessions and/or extended workshops for the International Association of Business Communicators, Advanced Learning Institute, Melcrum Publishing, Marcus Evans, Ragan Communications and numerous professional associations in vertical industries.

Stacy occasionally chairs conferences in addition to teaching.


Stacy can teach on many different topics, but these are her sweet spots:

  • Using collaboration and social technologies inside the organization
  • Digital workplace and intranet strategy and governance
  • Creating a more usable intranet or digital workplace
  • Getting people to use your intranet or digital workplace
  • Content migration for intranets and digital workplaces
  • Using your intranet or digital workplace to drive culture change
  • Great change communication that deliver high ROI
  • Communicating effectively with remote or virtual employees
  • Integrating online communication channels with traditional counterparts
  • Developing an employee communication strategic plan
  • Assessing and evolving organizational culture
  • Effective new employee on boarding
  • Internal consulting skills

What Attendees Say

It was great to see a behind-the-scenes look at another intranet overhaul. (Stacy and her co-presenter were the top rated speakers)

ALI's Transitioning Your Intranet to a Digital Workplace conference

Atlanta, 2016

Best session of the day. Incredibly relevant and useful. She had amazing insight to share. Well-prepared as well. Also, great examples provided from clients.

ALI's SharePoint for Internal Communications conference

New York City, 2014

Stacy is a guru on this subject and is always ahead of the game. Brings real-life examples and solutions that we can all identify with. Excellent!

IABC Southern Region conference

New Orleans, 2011

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