Strategic Internal Communication

Research shows that your bottom line is directly affected by how well you communicate with employees. Today, the communicator’s role is more about curation and facilitation than just creating/publishing content.


At our heart, Eloquor is an employee communication firm. While we specialize in several sub areas, we also support strategic internal communication efforts. Whether it’s research, planning, team structure/methodology and development, team facilitation, or good ol’ fashioned implementation, we can help you realize greater return on your communication investment.

Our work in this area generally falls into one of these categories:

  • Research: surveys, interviews, polls and focus groups, benchmarking and communication audits
  • Planning: facilitated strategic planning using our tested toolkit
  • Team structure/methodology and development: helping teams to rethink their service delivery model and the tools they use, and team retreats
  • Implementation of communication campaigns: content, publishing, coordination

For Example…

Several of our clients have sought help from Eloquor to shift their internal communication team to a consulting model. We provide training and a comprehensive toolkit that enables internal communication staff to ask better questions and make better decisions.

The Eloquor team provided counsel, training and mentoring for a client’s Africa-based communication team across a nearly two-year period. These communicators improved their skills and methods and became a stronger team overall as a result.

A client need to create a communication function for one of its large field operations where no function previously existed. Eloquor provided research, strategic planning and training.

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