Change Communication

Every organizational change is an opportunity to strengthen engagement and performance. Successful change and great ROI depends in large part on the effectiveness of communication.

Change drives quirky behaviors in employees, but not necessarily the ones you want. Has your organization recently experienced:

  • Major systems or ERP change
  • An acquisition or merger
  • A change in leadership
  • A divestiture
  • Change in strategy

Then you already know how detrimental change can be to business productivity. But, change also represents an opportunity to educate internal stakeholders, generate dialogue, spark action and drive appropriate behaviors.

Eloquor Consulting helps organizations find and sustain success during and after change in four important ways:

  1. Developing Change Communication Strategy and Plans: Process facilitation, provision of planning tools and resources, integration of second level strategies, engagement of leadership team
  2. Developing Change Communication Tools: Interactive tools and resources, easily posted on an intranet or digital workplace, that guide the change communication process and support leaders, allowing greater focus on message development and consistent message delivery
  3. Implementation of Change Communication: Message development, material/tactic development and coordination of message distribution
  4. Process Mapping: Process analysis, process modeling, process change ROI

For Example…

Following acquisition of a large competitor in the gas and petroleum industry, the client found itself with 40+ new IT projects to manage. The Eloquor team managed all employee communication related to the projects including planning and implementation.

Faced with implementation of SAP across a multi-country footprint, the client asked Eloquor to assist with task education, training communication and online content.

The Eloquor team created an interactive tool that enabled leaders at all levels to engage employees in discussion about the business strategy and each individual’s connection to that strategy.

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