Team Profiles

Stacy Wilson, ABC

Stacy Wilson, ABC


Stacy cut her teeth in not-for-profit healthcare and child welfare. Then, she led internal and executive communication for Sprint Corporation. Later, she led the Denver communication practices for two international human capital consulting firms. Now with three decades of experience, Stacy has worked with many different industries: mining; telecommunications; manufacturing; financial services; healthcare; energy; petroleum & gas, technology and software; legal services; consumer products; and food service.

With a passion for making employee life better, she sees broken business processes and poor technology implementations as opportunities. She bridges the gap between technology and business, always looking for ways to gain more leverage from client investments.

Her highly collaborative and interactive style enables clients to learn along the way and own their decisions. She brings the same style to her frequent conference teaching assignments on communication and technology topics. She is a skilled group facilitator and winner of numerous communication awards.

Stacy is an accredited and nearly 30-year member of the International Association of Business Communicators. She is an IABC Fellow and 500-Club member and has served as:

  • Chapter President in Kansas City
  • District 5 Director
  • International Board of Directors member
  • Chair of the Southern Region Conference
  • Chair of the IABC World Conference Program Advisory Committee

Stacy has a bachelor’s of fine arts in public relations from Southern Methodist University in Dallas. She’s a mom, and an avid sewer, hiker and music fan.

Allyen Wilson, CUA, MS, MBA

Allyen Wilson, CUA, MS, MBA

Vice President, Usability Analyst

Allyen has more than 20 years of experience in technical research. A certified usability analyst, Allyen provides usability testing protocol development and implementation for intranets and digital workplaces. A skilled statistician, Allyen handles data management for Eloquor’s research projects.

Allyen also is a metallurgical engineer and consultant to the mining and steel manufacturing industries. He has a bachelor’s in metallurgy from Colorado School of Mines, an MBA from Rockhurst University in Kansas City, a master’s of science in metallurgy from the Colorado School of Mines and his CUA from Human Factors International.

Allyen is an avid reader and photographer, fan of music festivals and dad to two amazing teens.

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