Our Approach

The Eloquor team has many decades of combined experience in internal communication and technology.

We staff dynamically, putting together skilled project teams as required by our clients with professionals from a wide variety of disciplines such as Human Resources, design, technical development, writing/editing, labor relations, etc. Working with Eloquor Consulting is like working with a virtual agency. You get the benefits of and senior level expertise you’d expect from a big firm, without the high billing rates, slow implementation or cookie-cutter approach. Our commitment is to deliver quality results that meet your needs and your budget. Staffing with the right people at the right time is part of achieving that commitment. See our partner page for examples of the partners with whom we regularly work.

Because of our deep affiliation with several professional associations, we are globally connected to other experts and up to date on the very latest best practices.

Our philosophy is visible in our day-to-day service delivery and part of why we are often asked back for new assignments:

  • Teach as we go so the client takes away more value
  • Work collaboratively and in a highly participatory fashion so others feel engaged and responsible
  • Give intellectual capital during an assignment
  • Customize to the needs of the client and the situation
  • Leverage best practices from our experience and broader professional community involvement
  • Learn every day
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