Stacy Wilson, ABC, teaching at IABC Heritage Region Conference

Stacy Wilson, ABC, is excited to be selected to teach at
IABC’s Heritage Region Conference, November 11-13, in Richmond, VA.
Her session – Revolutionize Digital Workplace Decision Making:
Get a Better Tool
– is an interactive experience
that links business strategy to strategy for a digital workplace/intranet.

Stacy Wilson teaching at ALI's Digital Workplace & Intranet Summit

Stacy Wilson, ABC, is honored to teach at
ALI’s Digital Workplace & Intranet Summit
conference in Washington, DC, October 23-25
She’ll teach a workshop about content strategy
and an interactive session about intranet/digital workplace strategy

Intranet Layout Samples

We don’t always have the luxury to share our client’s actual screenshots,
so we’ve created Eloquor-branded
examples of the types of things our clients are doing.
Here are some of those examples updated from recent work.

Stacy Wilson, ABC, Teaching at IABC Southern Region Conference

Stacy Wilson, ABC, is excited to be teaching at
IABC’s Southern Region Conference, October 17-19, in Nashville.
Her session – Make Better Digital Workplace Decisions:
A tool based on your business strategy
 – is an interactive experience
that links business strategy to strategy for a digital workplace/intranet.

Monitor Icon

Digital Workplace / Intranets

Strategy, governance, usability, content and adoption. Helping you leverage your technology investment for business results.

Communication Icon

Strategic Internal Communication

Team structure and process, implementation tools and methodology, and initiative planning and implementation. Helping improve your team’s delivery and augmenting them where necessary.

Training Icon

Training and Facilitation

Strategic planning and leadership retreat facilitation; leader communication and digital workplace user training. Helping your team members plan, learn and grow.

Change Icon

Change Communication

Technology, leadership, structure changes, along with mergers and acquisitions. Helping you deliver great change communication that drives engagement and business results.

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HR Communication

Enrollment, engagement, onboarding and HR-focused intranet sites. Helping HR deliver a great employee experience and business results.

Organization Icon

Organizational Culture

Surveys, assessments and change tools. Helping you understand your current culture and how to shift to your desired culture.

Next Upcoming Event

IABC Southern Region Conference
Oct. 17-19

View strategy as actionable for good decision making

Webster’s defines the word “strategy” in several ways, two of which apply specifically to communication: A careful plan or method The art of devising or employing plans toward a goal The bolding above is mine. I draw attention to it because having a strategy doesn’t...

Communication fits leading the digital workplace

Where does communication fit in our organizations? Recently, IABC’s World Conference Program Advisory Committee Chair Neil Griffiths explained the conference theme – Communication Crossroads – as a critical look at where communication fits. As a speaker for the...

When employee research isn’t done

The CEO of United Airlines, along with his leadership team, recently decided to replace employee bonuses with a game-show style lottery for prizes. Inc. writer Chris Matyszczyk notes in a recent post that “it’s about first deciding…Then, it’s about choosing words.” I...

What our customers say about us

Eloquor works with many different industries and clients from around the globe. We are happy to provide you contact information for past clients who can describe what it’s like to work with Eloquor.

“We have a long standing relationship with Eloquor Consulting. During our 2012 intranet redesign, they helped us define governance to manage our intranet content. That has served us very well in long run. We have clearly defined roles for content owners and publishers.”

Senior Manager, Marketing Operations & Digital Strategy

Commercial Insurance

“Eloquor takes a very collaborative approach that got our IT and HR teams collaborating better than ever! The Eloquor team really listened to our needs and tapped into our culture, helping us to reach a solution that would be a good fit.”

Vice President, HR & Support Services

Health Care System

“Stacy helped us learn from past experiences and see change communication in a broader and more integrated view. Her ability to facilitate input from a whole team and bring together an integrated package of tools made the project a tremendous success.”

Senior Communications Specialist