Today I’m a little hot under the collar. I’ve had a disappointing interaction with someone at an organization I don’t respect. I know this organization doesn’t value strategic communication, relationships with vendors or the contributions made by either vendors or employees. It also doesn’t value differences in ideas and approaches – new directions.

I have made it one of my passions in recent years to encourage communicators to take a consulting role within their organizations. One of the reasons for this is that I believe strongly that in doing so, we all better position communication functions and communicators individually as more strategic contributors.

I am reminded of a participant in a workshop who was frustrated with her leadership and organization and didn’t see them changing any time soon. What should she do? “Perhaps you will have to change – take your talents to a different organization.”

So, today, my thinking has crystalized on this topic. It is the responsibility of strategic communicators to make good choices about who we work with and who we work for. All in the name of ensuring our profession is accepted as a truly strategic contributor, we should shun those organizations who don’t “get it.” Vote with your feet – take your skills and your business elsewhere.

I realize this is pretty idealistic, particularly in these tough economic times. And, it’s tough medicine for independents and small business owners, I know. But, we’ve walked away from work before and I’ll probably do it again to ensure that our strategic contribution is welcomed, appreciated and recognized. I refuse to be an order-taker.

So, don’t check your pride at the door.