Part of my restart commitment on this blog is to not be quite so restrictive about my topics. It’s kept me from writing more. So, with that in mind, let’s talk about school.

I went to a public school. My husband did too. We figure we turned out ok — at least so far. So, our kids have been in public school from the start. Wow is it frustrating! They don’t want to listen to parents, they teach in ways that we believe cause learning to slow down, and they waste a lot of time. The last one is a real hot button for me. I hate wasting time. Of course, this contributes to my inability to relax and chill out. So be it.

My daughter’s class had a party during class time because they were “good.” My son’s class had a reading party where they read all day, skipping all other subjects. He wisely observed that the teacher is trying to “help the kids who don’t read well, mom.” Even with this cushy schedule, they still don’t have much homework. And more recently, it came to our attention that our son’s teacher was seating him next to the rambunctious kids because she can count on him to keep them in line.

Don’t get me wrong here, I actually really liked this teacher — former military dog trainer — perfect for elementary school. Smart, capable, willing to challenge them. Challenges herself too. Which is why she’s returning to middle school after one year at elementary.

In light of all this, and being strong believers in the wisdom of Gladwell’s Outliers, we are doing virtual school with my daughter. It’s not home school. She interacts with teachers virtually, attends virtual classes. My husband is her learning coach, supplementing what she learns in class or from a faculty member.

Our daughter is enthusiastic. We’ll see where it goes.