What is your business strategy? I asked this no fewer than four times in a meeting just recently. I was trying to get a client team to discover how their intranet was connected to their business strategy. One fellow on the far end of the large conference room finally got it and he and I together slowly steered them toward the grand realization that nearly everything in their business strategy was touched by the intranet.

It makes for an interesting exercise. On prior occasions, I’ve had teams sort of gasp when they see the relationship between the two.

The real question is why don’t more organizations see this? Or, perhaps why don’t more try? I tire of listening to those who whine they cannot get the resources they need for their intranet. Why do you think you can’t get commitment of budget and people for something that even you don’t see as connected to the business goals?

Today, one of the laments I heard – from an organization that hasn’t yet re-launched it’s new intranet – is how will they make decisions about enhancements and improvements in the future? Silly question. Had they connected their business strategy to their intranet strategy they would see clearly how to make such decisions.

This week I’m leading a session at the IABC Regional Conference in Charleston about turning your intranet strategy into a decision tool. And I’m looking for a volunteer. I’m going to teach attendees not only how to connect business goals to intranet strategy, but also how to turn their intranet strategy into that all-important decision tool.

During the session I am hoping to find a volunteer who can articulate his or her company’s strategy and goals. If such a knowledgeable brave soul is there, we’ll send them home with a great tool. They will be well prepared to lead decisions about new technology and new content for many years.

If you’re joining us in Charleston, bring your business strategy. If you’re not, watch my blog and I’ll teach it in a future blog post.