I’m seeing conflicting reports. There was the article I read recently from Wired that said if you haven’t started a blog, forget it. Blogging is passe. Now, it’s all about Twitter and Facebook.

A couple of weeks ago, both Ragan and Melcrum were all about blogging. Even CEO blogging. Based on the experience I’m having with two senior executives who are not CEO’s, how can a CEO make the time? Especially by him or herself? It’s a rational question. 

What we’re doing with our client is create a blogging gang – at least three of them at a time, so no one person has to bear the burden alone. It’s still a challenge for them each to carve out time. Let’s face it – it is an added responsibility on their already full plates.

But, while some espouse blogging benefits as influencing the success of change and organizational initiatives, I ask how did you measure that? How do you really know it helped you knock that one out of the park?

Usage data, surveying, ranking just aren’t enough to prove the value. And, until we really prove it, we’ll continue to see disagreement among the “experts” about whether or not we should blog. On our project we are culling usage data, analyzing comments and conducting a user survey. At the end of the pilot we may also do some informal interviews. I’m still not sure it will be enough to prove the ROI.

Either way, I’m happy to say that the usage data all looks good and the blog gang is still excited.