Microsoft. For some that right there says all I need to say. As a long-time Mac user, I had often joined in the Microsoft bashing. But in the past two years I have become a fan of their MOSS 2007 (SharePoint) tool. 

It’s got some great stuff in it. We’ve worked with clients on some very creative things that solve business problems, engage employees and deliver value. About half of our clients have or are moving to MOSS. 

As part of a recent project (social media strategy) I reached out to Microsoft to learn more so we can deliver better counsel to clients. The Microsoft team supporting my client has been great about providing information regarding the current version. But, I need to know what’s coming and we want to play with the tool separate from our client’s environment. Purchasing a full-blown version for two people is beyond our financial wherewithal. This would require being a Microsoft partner.

We help Microsoft clients get more value from MOSS by focusing on their business and governance processes. Not to mention tying it more effectively to business and communication goals and objectives. But, apparently, because we don’t do development/coding, we’re of zero interest to Microsoft. I’ve gotten the run-around – person to person to person to person. No one has answers, just pushes me off.

The market is crying out for better SharePoint governance, and we can deliver. Shouldn’t Microsoft want that for their clients? Why can’t the enormous company reach out to a small player to aid their clients?