I just posted on the Communitelligence Communication Skills Blog about grabbing the tools and making them work for you. My post was prompted by a tiny bit of feedback from a participant in the webinar I facilitated yesterday.

It boils down to personal responsibility and being proactive. While I didn’t want to rant in the original post, I will say here that all communicators need to be responsible for stepping up to the plate: for their personal development; to tackle the hard work for their employer; to do the right thing for stakeholders.

I spent the first ten years of my career working in not-for-profit indigent healthcare and child welfare. When I finally left to move into corporate, I needed a cause to get me into the office every day. It was at this point when I began to focus exclusively on internal communication and internal stakeholders. Those internal stakeholders became my cause and are to this day.

Having the people I serve as my cause has certainly given me the passion and energy I need to really enjoy my work. I’m working on instilling this attitude in my son who turns 11 years old tomorrow. That’s a challenge I’ll update you on in the future.