I’m heading to Chicago next month to speak at Employee Engagement & Social Media, a conference put on by Communitelligence. I’ll be leading the social media speaker pack with an overview about how to use social technologies internally.

I am updating my presentation and I know there are tons of new great case studies out there just since I did this last time (March). I’m looking for case studies of internal social technology use grounded in business strategy. I don’t want the ones you did just because the technology was cool. I want the examples that tie in neatly to business strategy and goals. I want to see your employees using this stuff to drive the business.

If you’re thinking of attending the conference, contact me. In addition to the travel rebate Communitelligence is offering, I can also give you my speaker coupon code. If you work for a non-profit, government agency or small business, you’ll get more discounts when you register. So contact me for the code. It might be the only stimulus we get, right?