On Friday I did a new post on the Communitelligence Communication Skills blog about the rehearsal I did with a client new to video production. I encourage you to read it to learn some new tips about how to make such a rehearsal work really well for you.

In addition, I wanted to add some comments about the project itself. It is in essence a podcast series about benefits open enrollment. We never actually used the term “podcast” when talking with the client because they are wayyyy too conservative to consider podcasting right now. So, we pitched it as a “multi-media series” and they loved the idea.

We shoot on Wednesday, but here is how it should work. Each piece is roughly 2-3 minutes in length. We scripted the presenter, one of the senior HR people from our client organization. On Wednesday, we’ll shoot each of 10 topics separately. That talking head video will be married up with the 6-11 slides for each individual topic.

Employees pick a topic, log in, and sit back and watch the speaker and the slides. The interface is even branded. It’s all on demand. The pieces include simple information about complex benefits topics delivered in a more personal way. Our expectation is to reduce confusion about and improve comprehension of some of the most complex benefits and healthcare topics.

If the launch and usage goes well, I’ll come back and offer more details.