I just posted a new blog post on Communitelligence’s Communication Skills blog about measurement skills. Let me know what you think.

I wanted to add a note here for my regular readers about the tools. As part of our upcoming launch, we’ll make three measurement tools available:

  1. Communication Measurement Plan – to help you put your initial plan together
  2. Communication Measurement Tracker – to help you stay on track with implementation, as well as, collect and document findings along the way
  3. Communication Measurement Analyzer – to help you analyze your data and plan for reporting or presentation of data

At least one toolkit will have a custom version of one of these for change communication. The point is to provide those doing the work (communicators, change managers, IT professionals or HR professionals) a more strategic guide. Prompting your strategic thinking is our goal.

Contact me if you want notification when these tools become available. Thanks for reading!