I am constantly amazed at people’s inability to balance. I’m also amazed at how some prioritize.

I’ve recently reassessed my own top priorities and they are:

  1. Family
  2. Clients
  3. Cooking and food
  4. Professional activities (e.g., conferences, associations)

I added cooking and food because this is a personal joy and refuge. My husband and our two kids love to cook and eat together. Allyen and I enjoy nothing better than getting together with friends to try a new wine and several new recipes.

Twitter and blogging do not rank in the top four. And volunteering for and donating to associations ranks at four – my family wins any conflict every time.

Unfortunately, exercise (which should be much higher I’m sure) and relax time (hobbies, etc.) aren’t even in view yet. I recognize a need to put more focus on these.

I realize our society has largely lost this ability to really stick to personal priorities. We’re too willing to sacrifice what is most important. In these current times, we should gravitate to what is truly important. Do the right thing, based on your priorities. Sometimes, that means turning off the blogs, the tweets and the whole crack-berry and just listening.

I did this with a client this week. Means I feel a tad bit less connected, but I feel so much more knowledgeable. And, my clients are #2 on my list, so that is where my priority should have been!