Yesterday I posted a new post on the Communitelligence Communication Skills blog. All the chatter here at IABC World Conference about social media got me thinking…

For my readers here I wanted to add a fun sidebar. The Apple developers conference is also being held in San Fran this week. There was a young man on my flight Sunday and we also shared a ride on BART into the city from the airport. He was sporting a three-cornered pirate hat the entire time.

Turns out he’s a student and an iPhone app developer. His first, and so far only, app allow users to control their Lego Mindstorm robots from their iPhone, from the other side of the planet if they like. Pretty cool.

What struck me is his courage and risk-taking to jump into something new. He is clearly a bit shy about the marketing and feels like his app isn’t “important.” But, he had the courage to do something he’s really passionate about. I like that.