On the second day of my Dubai workshop this week I asked what the participants most valued from the day before. A young Arab communicator who works for the local chamber of commerce said:

“To ask questions before doing messages and planning.”

Home run!

That’s exactly the big “aha” I like to hear. It was the toolkit for planning and strategic analysis that sparked her moment of understanding. I continue to be convinced that having the right tools helps communicators think more strategically.

Tools help good tactical communicators make the next leap to great strategic advisor. So often they just need the right prompts.

The same is true of leaders at all levels – non communicators being asked to communicate effectively. Encouraging strategic thinking through good tools is enough for many. In a business world that moves fast and often without focus, having a tool to help me think more effectively is golden.

This is precisely why I am embarking on a new initiative with a colleague to deliver great tools to the communicators who need to make that next leap. Watch for more info right here.