A friend recently told me to incorporate more of my personal experiences here, so let’s talk about my passion for recharge.

I really love a great vacation. The kind that makes you want to suspend time forever. That one moment, when all is perfect.

Telluride from atop my horse – June 2010

That was Sunday night. The light fading over the craggy peaks surrounding Telluride. 8,000 dust covered festivarians all standing. Mumford & Sons playing their own special version of what we call “speed grass” (really fast bluegrass). Kids and husband happy.

When I return from such an experience I am stoked for the work. I feel ready to tackle everything that comes my way. My mind is more open and free, and I find I think even more strategically than usual.

Teaching workshops and professional development does this for me too. To see the light bulb come on in someone’s eyes is one of my most rewarding experiences.

If you need a recharge, take an afternoon and do something really memorable and rewarding. Something that will stick like peanut butter – that makes you smile for months. My personal favorite, that I recommend frequently, is music. Go listen to some live music. No better time than summertime.