This week I’ve written a piece for SharePoint Pro Magazine about:

How to create SharePoint taxonomy governance

Ironically, I’m in Chicago this week to chair ALI’s Intranet and Digital Workplace Summit, where I know taxonomy will come up. It always does.

Most of the time it’s in the context of improving search. This morning I spoke with one conference attendee who has no search capability on the company intranet. This is not altogether├é┬ásurprising.

In a recent client assignment, we helped the client identify that they had about 30 different, unique and totally separate intranets. Only one of these had global search. Some had no or very limited search.

So, as an aside to my post linked above, for taxonomy to work at all, you have to invest in search tools. And, for those students in this morning’s workshop on governance, taxonomy is one of those things that deserves central control. You’ll get more ROI out of your investment in taxonomy if your user’s search experience is consistent across the entire enterprise.

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