I’ve just published another article for SharePoint Pro Magazine, an online magazine for SharePoint professionals published by Penton Media.

Check out my post titled How IT Can Help Ensure SharePoint ROI.

My take on the topic is based on my many years of experience spanning the chasm between IT and the business. IT professionals speak a different language and think differently than those who work on the business side of most of our client organizations. I spend a lot of my consulting time creating shared understanding and comprehension amongst the two sides.

That’s why I was so excited to see several IT professionals joining their business counterparts at last week’s ALI conference in NYC. I hope to see more of that at ALI’s Intranet and Digital Workplace Summit in Chicago in July. I’m serving as a volunteer speaker and the conference chair. If you are planning to attend, bring your IT person. They’ll get a lot out of the experience!

See you there.