When I was a kid growing up in Colorado, snow days were few and far between. I recall skiing to school and passing the bus stuck at the side of the road along the way. It took a lot of snow to shut down school back then.

Still, snow days were cherished fun time. My stay-at-home mom would make cookies and hot chocolate, tend to our wet clothes and find us craft projects to do. A snow day was something to relish and wish for.

Since I began working from a home office, snow days have become a peculiar experience. My clients don’t care that we have a foot of snow outside, the children are home and I can’t go anywhere. Clients live in warmer climes like Texas, California and Florida. Everything I need to work is right here. The to-do items on my list aren’t going away for the day.

Today is snow day number two in a row. All of my local meetings were cancelled. I’m left with one conference call. And yet, I feel the crush of the other work I should be doing. At the same time, I think of the other parents nearby hanging out and playing with their kids. It’s a tough balancing act to play.

I’ll get a few things done. I’ll get the conference call done. Then, it’s play time. Entrepreneurs deserve a snow day too.