It’s always harder to invest time and resource upfront when you really just want to cut to the chase. The fun stuff. The creative challenge. Do we really have to sit around and listen to people first?

For communicators and designers working on intranets, that fun stuff is the branding, colors, fonts, images, etc. Doing research first is so boring!

My latest post for SharePoint Pro Magazine is a how-to for understanding your user voice:

Launching an Intranet: The Crucial Step You Cannot Skip

The more we invest in the crucial step of listening to users, the better able we are to address user needs, create business return on investment and establish an ever-evolving legacy of success.

I’ve recently started a new project for a new client. We are helping them create a roadmap for their SharePoint intranet, and part of the effort is discovering┬áthe user voice. We are using all the methods detailed in my article for SharePoint Pro.

Even after doing countless projects like this one, I still find it exciting to spend time with users, executives and other stakeholders. It’s fascinating to learn how they work, what drives them crazy and how the organization can get more out of their technical investment. Hopefully, I’ll be able to write about some of the project findings and how our client uses those findings to craft a sustainable digital workplace. Stay tuned!