This week I started contributing to the Communication Skills blog on Communitelligence. Spreadin’ the love. It’s cool to be blogging together with a team, all focused on helping communicators improve their skills.

Phil Douglis is talking about visual imagery and photography. Lynne Franklin and Ken O’Quinn are talking about writing. Barbara Govnednik has just joined like me and is going to lend her considerable talents and knowledge around planning and implementation.

My first contribution is about having the courage to have those difficult conversations. I’ll be focused on those nuances like leadership, internal consulting and relationship skills. Along with an occasional dose of intranet/portal and social technology skills too – a passion as you know.

While I will always add a link to my entries on the Communitelligence blog here for my regular readers, I encourage you to subscribe to the other blog and read what the other authors have to say. Enjoy!