This fall is a big speaking season for me. I’ve got four conferences/workshops in a two month period. I am speaking for ALI for the first time. Here’s the title and description:

Using Strategic Business Goals To Guide Social Technology Investments For Improved Communication Results

Does your organization have a social channel that isn’t supporting your business in all the right ways? If so, perhaps it’s time to revitalize it by rethinking the strategy behind it and getting the right champions involved.

Whether you’re looking to refresh your social technology channel, or are thinking of launching one, this inside look at how Ocean Spray injected their employee forum with new energy will provide inspiration and guidance. Plus, learn how to establish great strategy at the start and how to connect that strategy to business goals and operations.

You won’t want to miss the opportunity to learn:

  • What steps to take to empower users and build trust
  • What types of business needs are addressed by the different social technologies
  • How to use your business goals to guide your decisions on social technology
  • What types of metrics can help you prove your ROI

Kathie Cornelius at Ocean Spray and I are presenting together.

Here’s the thing. I continue to be stunned by the number of business people who run willy nilly into the world of social technology without any thought to business value. In a recent meeting, one individual expressed his strong interest in blogging. He hasn’t ever done it, so wouldn’t it be fun to try?

If I was his boss I’d be saying “not on my dime.” But I think the boss is grateful that he (the executive) won’t have to blog himself. If the organization had good decision criteria in place, this whole scenario would never happen. I’ll be covering this in our session.

Another stress point I hear all the time is “how do we know if we need to use a new technology or not?” Using business goals as a lens allows you to determine this with ease. The social stuff is a great example and we’ll address this in our session too.

The other issue to be addressed is one that my client, Kathie Cornelius at Ocean Spray, could tackle way better than I could. That’s why she’s joining me to present this. Her focus? How do you wrangle an existing internal social tool to deliver more value to the organization? She did just this. And she is going to explain how. I won’t steal her thunder by talking about it here.

Which means that you’ll just have to go to the conference in Atlanta, November 3-5.

By the way, if you mention “STACY WILSON” or “SPK” you’ll get a $400 discount! So drop a name why don’t ya.