Why are we compelled to write too much? I am sometimes accused of writing too little – assuming my readers know what I am thinking and omitting valuable insights.

But the vast majority out there write too much. I had a blog entry submitted from a client for review recently – it was 1,500 words long! Now, we know from usability and readability studies that this is too long for the web. 

I belong to several list serves and communities where some people write too much. One participant puts a query out. Another comes back with a wordy, verbose response intended to demonstrate his or her smarts on the topic. Usually a consultant, giving the rest of us consultants a bad name.

Why is it so hard to get to the point? I see this especially often in executive communication. They feel the need to repeat and add – if I didn’t know better it was because they aren’t confident in how they’ve said it the first time. PowerPoints get extended, speeches grow long, web pages become untenable. 

One client in particular, is apt to not only incorporate too much content, but also to introduce “updated” ideas about goals, strategy, market trends, etc. New pictures, models and phrases – without getting rid of the old ones. Now, employees simply have more and more to try to weave together and comprehend. Is it low self confidence that prompts this client to want to recreate the wheel every time?