Partner Profiles

ElevatePoint is a development firm that specializes in Microsoft/SharePoint digital workplaces. They also have a suite of communication tools for SharePoint for which Eloquor has contributed methodology and direction. The suite includes ElevatePoint Plan, a communication planning tool for SharePoint, and ElevatePoint News, a robust news center for SharePoint. We work with the ElevatePoint team when our clients require technical assessment, evaluation and build.

Kristen Krapf/Krapf Communications

Kristen Krapf/Krapf Communications


Kristen supports Eloquor on Human Resources content and branding efforts. She has particularly deep knowledge of benefits content.

Kerby Meyers, owner of The Communications Refinery, is a very creative writer and strategist. His talent with improv lends a particularly fun aspect to our work together.

Chrysalis Creative Group

Chrysalis Creative Group

Chrysalis Creative Group supports Eloquor on design when our clients don’t have the resources or want a fresh perspective. Monty Jorgensen has considerable¬†experience with designing for the web.

Liz Guthridge/Connect Consulting Group

Liz Guthridge/Connect Consulting Group

Liz Guthridge, owner of Connect Consulting Group, has deep experience working with C-level executives to improve communication effectiveness.

Audra Lawson/Busy-Bee Admin

Owner/Virtual Admin

Audra supports Eloquor’s administrative needs including proofreading and content review.

Credera is a skilled team of developers that support Eloquor with technical assessment, evaluation and build.

Dilley Printing is a full service printer.

Tewell Warren Printing is a full service printer that serves our clients’ needs.

Stacy L. Wilson, ABC, IABC Fellow
Strategist for internal communication & digital work at Eloquor Consulting, Inc., US
I help organizations communicate more effectively with their employees. Eloquor Consulting, Inc., focuses on technology and change communication that champions the information needs of employees. [...]

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