We don’t give them enough credit. In the process of helping two senior executives launch a blog, I’ve been reminded how truly smart and insightful employees are. 

Executives often express concern about how employees might behave on a blog. This is sometimes reason alone for never going there. Generally speaking, employees manage their behavior on internal blogs with great aplomb. This has been the case in the past two weeks since this client’s internal blog launched. But, wait, there’s more. 

They have really interesting things to say. That’s right, they are adding every day to the rich conversation. One shared a personal story about how social media helps her establish relationships with others: “…I found a human connection with them today…” Another shared front-line perspective about the budgeting process: “It’s hard to have a discussion about the right “number” or even the right headcount without discussing service quality in mutually-agreed terms.” Still another several discussed how blogging can help employees outside the group in question learn more about what this group does for the company. 

It’s really good stuff. We’ve already far exceeded our goals for awareness and visitors among the targeted group. And an assessment of the actual comments show that employees are adding value, not just soap-box diatribe. 

What’s been your experience with internal blogging relative to employee behavior?