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Internal Communication et al.

Beyond the Intranet: Strategy (Part 1 of 4)

When planning for my upcoming webinar series for Communitelligence, Beyond the Intranet, John Gerstner asked one key question. "Which four elements of your intranet practice are most important for taking an intranet to the next level?" My response? Strategy User...

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Driving effective collaboration in leadership

Once an organization realizes effective collaboration is crucial – and not happening at the moment – what is there to do? In one case, I recommended using technology to enable leaders to sharing information and skills. If you get leadership collaborating more...

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The role of collaboration in engagement

Employee Engagement. We still talk about it. According to Amazon, there have been 30 new books published related to Employee Engagement just in the past 90 days. And, they have 7 more coming soon! Meanwhile, I hear rumors some organizations are dumping their...

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“Communication culture” equals great collaboration

I first started hearing communicators talk about "a culture of communication" more than 10 years ago. I had one client in particular who was really interested in the concept and could articulate the potential effectively. We understand the connection between good...

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