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It’s about community

During this week at IABC’s World Conference, several attendees who are not members of IABC asked me why I belong and stay so involved. Three words: it’s the community. This community is rejuvenating, rewarding, educational and inspiring. Sometimes, the... read more

What does the C-suite think?

When was the last time you got to pick the brains of four – count them, four! – C-suite executives from four leading companies? Doesn’t happen every day, right? Well, that’s just what I get to do on Wednesday, June 8, when I moderate the C-suite panel at... read more

Discovering what women in the C-suite think

Why is it we find four accomplished women on stage at the same time fascinating? Would we be so enthralled if it were four men? How many in the ballroom would be offended if it were all men? Will we ever get past the point of a gender focus to one on talent and... read more

Creating a digital workplace with what you have

Last week in Chicago I was honored to chair ALI’s conference on SharePoint for Internal Communication. The lively group of about 70 communicators, IT professionals and professionals in other related fields participated in a session I led about digital workplace.... read more

Exercising courage

Webster’s simple definition of courage is “the ability to do something that you know is difficult or dangerous.” Dig deeper and you’ll see: Mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty Firmness of mind and will in the face... read more



Stacy Wilson, ABC
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I help organizations communicate more effectively with their employees. Eloquor Consulting, Inc., focuses on technology and change communication that champions the information needs of employees. [...]